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Sunday, September 20, 2009

What a Surprise- Yay for modern technology!!!

Well this week my big baby turns 17. Can't believe how time has flown by. She's always wanted a surprise party and this year seemed to be as good a year as any to do it because she has a really nice group of steady friends that I thought I could enlist for help. I sure was right. Thank goodness for Facebook. Although not all her friends are on my facebook page I was able to contact them through her facebook page because I am friends with her. I could enter their page through her page and message them. I truly feel lucky that she thinks I'm cool enough to be in her friend list. Not every teen does. And her friends didn't find me totally pesky and we managed to pull off the surprise. Surprises are never easy. There were a few set backs. The movie we planned for her and her boyfriend to see of course was one of the few that didn't have a 5:00 showing. The next movie of choice was more of a chick flick and she didn't want to see that now because she wanted to see that with her girlfriends. Plan B was some time at Starbucks and then a movie at a friend's house. That worked out well in the end but her boyfriend told her I already knew I was picking him up and she couldn't understand how I knew to give him a lift because we don't usually talk on the phone, etc. Had to tell her he popped up on AIM while I was working on the computer. She finally bought that excuse. Did some research about surprise parties online which reminded me to hide the guest's cars. Shipped the dog off to my good friend Jane's house. Even he was happy. He got a play date with his lady friends out of the deal. Bought some poppers of confetti. Thank goodness for cell phones, too. Her boyfriend and friend were then able to text me that they were on their way. When they walked her to the door and we heard the key turn we shot off the poppers. She was sooo surprised. Had a Rock Band station and Dance Dance Revolution station. Also had an area with the computer where they could do photo booth. It was called Replace the Face. They were supposed to take a picture of their most surprised face to replace a surprise face in the photo frame I had out. Instead they had fun just fooling around with the different affects photo booth had. Wasn't quick enough to get her surprised look in print but did get some video footage of it... albeit dark. Had sushi, fortune cookies (they seemed to continue the theme of surprise), chips and salsa, and pizza. A very eclectic menu but it was a multi cultural crowd. The kids swam, opened presents and then we had cupcakes for cake. Needless to say I am pooped and I did not get any beading done. Please enjoy some pics. It will be a while before I plan another surprise party. I told my little one I need to come up for air. Anyway, she can't know where or when I will strike again. ( She wants a surprise party, too, now) or it won't be a surprise.

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