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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

And the Conversation Went Something Like This....

This is the week from h-ll. At drop off yesterday morning I told my youngest daughter to please find out how late she had to stay for drama club the next day because I had to take my computer in to the Apple Store. Oh, flashback to last week when she handed me a paper with her class schedule and I asked her why I needed this paper and she said ,"I guess it's just for you to know my schedule." Now fast forward to the afternoon pickup at which point after asking for more money for one of the many beginning of the year school items or events, she says, "Oh yeah, it's open house tomorrow at 6:30. Remember? I told you that." Picture me turning red, steam coming out of my ears, clenching the steering wheel so tight that you'd have to pry my hands off. Good thing or I would have strangled the child. ( Just kidding. She's really a good kid. ) But didn't she hear me in the morning , and the night before , and the night before that , telling her how I was juggling so many things and that I needed to figure out how I was going to pick her up from drama because I had scheduled an appointment to fix my computer? Would I be able to get back to pick her up on time? I think she heard me but the clencher was that she tried to pass it off that I was so wrapped up in my own stuff that I didn't hear her tell me about open house. Soooo not true. She forgets that I am the master juggler. I remember a distinct conversation about the schedule and no mention of open house. I also remember a distinct conversation about the computer appointment and drama being at the same time and no mention of the open house. So I know she forgot to tell me about open house. Well it all worked out. Just can't wait for the week, the month, to end. A little too busy and overwhelming for my taste. Still I have lots of creative ideas racing around in my head and no time to put them into action. I just hope I can remember them for later. I want to post new items here and get your opinions. That's my goal. Hope all's well with everyone. Did you ever have one of these days? If so, comment, and tell us about it. Would love to hear it.

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  1. aww =( the first few months are always a pain!! you'll get through it. I miss you!!!