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I am a people person. I love to chat with people and learn all about them. Furthermore, I love to find out how things work and I love to put people and things in touch to make them work thus why I like teaching and designing. But most of all, I am a family person.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Ms. Fix It

Forgot to mention how proud my daughter and I were of ourselves yesterday. As I told you, we went to tutoring. Before we got out of the car, the strap on her dress popped. It was held together with one of those little plastic rings they use all the time today on skinny strap clothes. Well it was mom to the rescue. When you're a mom you have to be creative. Not to mention resourceful. I took the key ring off one of my keys and slipped it through the loops on the back of her dress. It wasn't attractive but it worked. Then when we were leaving the bookstore, a cut I had on my finger started to bleed again. We didn't have a bandaid but my daughter offered up her napkin and I had a rubber band in the car so we made a makeshift bandaid. What a fine pair we were. But my daughter was impressed with our ingenuity and we had a good chuckle over it. It's sometimes the same with dinner. I am always impressed with how well I juggle being a wife, mother and working, and making something out of nothing for dinner. It's all in the creativity. Sometimes I have forgotten defrost something for dinner but I'm able to put together a mean omelette with veggies inside and then cut up some apple for fruit and fiber and call it healthy. Voila!! Anyway, I realize that I like to fix and build things. That's why I like to craft. When you see the end result and it works you feel so very proud of yourself.

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