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I am a people person. I love to chat with people and learn all about them. Furthermore, I love to find out how things work and I love to put people and things in touch to make them work thus why I like teaching and designing. But most of all, I am a family person.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Overwhelmed - Just need Kudos

Well my internet has been down for a day and a half so no blogging just when I was being diligent. Now I am trying to get back on track. Even went to Panera's just to try to sneak some blog time.

Life just seems so crazy right now. I have two birthdays in my family this month and my head just hurts from reliving 11th grade with my eldest child. First you have the SAT to think about, then the school ring(should you order it or not?) If you order it, will you have to offer up your house just to pay for the ring with the going rate of silver and gold nowadays? And who knew there is a whole ceremony that goes with the ring now! Ugh. Then there is driving. My eldest just got her permit. My husband tried to take her to practice at the local community college and got kicked out of their parking lot. Budget cuts at school so no driver's ed class. So it seems it's off to the zoo parking lot recommended by a customer of mine and a friend of hers.

My youngest also has a chance to take the SAT. She is only in 7th grade but it is through a program called Duke Tips. Sounds like a super opportunity so I am picking people's brains to know what it is all about.

So many big decisions all at once while I am trying to grow my design business that my head just hurts. I was so proud of getting this blog up and running but sometimes it seems like the people closest to me don't share my excitement for it. They resent the time it takes away from them. That makes me sad because I want so bad to be successful and feel proud. Do you ever just feel like you don't get the Kudos you need from those closest to you? Send me Kudos now if you share my feelings.


  1. I completely understand what you're going through. You do what you're passionate about, and the people you love the most don't understand. Artists go through this all the time. No need to worry though. Try to juggle as much as possible and I'm sure they will come around. Try including them in a blog or two, they might even like that!

    Kudos to a fellow artist!

  2. Meaghan did the SAT for the Duke TIP thing. I think the weirdest thing was sending her off to take the test with all these giant high school kids. She did well enough to be invited to some of their programs - don't know if we'll take advantage of them or not. Some are pretty pricey, but they do send you some interesting info about careers and college apps and all. However, it is not at all necessary and if it's adding stress to your day, I would say don't do it unless she really, really wants to. There is no correlation between taking it and getting in there for college (I was surprised to find out I did not like the school when we visited - thought it would be my favorite). There are plenty of great summer programs all over the country at other colleges that are cheaper and just as good for providing experience to them. On hindsight, I probably would not do it again. But Meaghan is the one who wanted to do it, not me.

    Re the ring: I know, I was shocked to hear there was a ceremony. Geez. What else could there be a ceremony for? Nick did get a ring. He wore it all of senior year and part of the first year of college. It has disappeared now. I'm afraid to ask where it is. Frankly, if I had it to do over, I wouldn't have done this either.

    Maybe I am just a naysayer today - ha.
    Nice blog, by the way. I'm awed by your perseverance.

  3. hey Wendy, just wanted to say love you and know that you are never alone-keep doing what you love and know that you are blessed-very blessed, as we all are. love, marypat

  4. Sending kudos your way. I feel your pain. Sometimes you have to stand up for what you want in life and resist the opposition. I'm behind you on this one.