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I am a people person. I love to chat with people and learn all about them. Furthermore, I love to find out how things work and I love to put people and things in touch to make them work thus why I like teaching and designing. But most of all, I am a family person.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Went walking with the dog this morning. He's had that look on his face of longing to get out and I can relate since it rained all day yesterday. I was one big bag of nerves just from not knowing what to do with myself and not getting much done and being frustrated with starting the blog but not sitting myself down to make jewelry. He also kept following me back and forth from room to room while I was getting ready to walk (now I know where they get that expression "quit dogging me" from). So I knew he needed to get out. We went on a long 4 miler. Felt good to get out and enjoy the peace and quiet. Had my headphones on and my music playing but it is so peaceful seeing the man in the park reading his newspaper at the picnic table with his bike nearby or the cyclists zipping by in their team cycle outfits, etc. Next I gave the dog a bath and got ready to take my daughter to tutoring.

Imagine... today I took my eldest daughter to the bookstore where she gets tutored and while I was wandering around in the arts and craft book section I looked up only to find a book on blogging for the craft person. (Blogging for Bliss by Tara Frey) I couldn't believe it. It was like it was meant to be...kizmet... so I bought it. Hopefully you will see this blog improve alot over time with the help of some of the suggestions in the book.

Sometimes I think I'm crazy for doing this. Who else ever feels this way? Is it just another thing to add to my plate and care for when I already have ten million things? But then I get excited about meeting new people and sharing my jewelry and I think it might be an interesting journey like in the movie Julie and Julia. I just have to be really good about posting quickly and regularly. I find that I spend alot of time on the computer and not enough time in my "studio" crafting. Anyone else have that problem? Seems the computer sucks you in for hours. Well off to get stuff done. But before I go check out this little lovely from my online shop and post a comment or two about some of the questions I posed in today's post.

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