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I am a people person. I love to chat with people and learn all about them. Furthermore, I love to find out how things work and I love to put people and things in touch to make them work thus why I like teaching and designing. But most of all, I am a family person.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Tiny Treasures

Ah, finally a moment to type. Been scouring the area for tiny finds for jewelry, the holidays, and some birthdays. Have always loved October because it starts the craft show season where I am. Unfortunately the church craft shows just haven't been what they used to be. It seems many of the crafters can't compete with the low cost of things made elsewhere and then sold for less at places like CVS or Walmart. That makes me sad because I used to love to see the originality and clever ideas people would bring to these shows. One year the hot item was a bird feeder for your front yard that was a cat with a feather hanging out of its mouth. You had to see it. It was adorable. It was selling like hot cakes. Ah well, I digress....I did go to an antique show with my mom and found little trinkets. Found some lovely skeleton keys and buttons that look like milk glass. Also found an interesting thing called a "Lenticular". People would advertise their business on it many years ago. Maybe I can do something funky with it. When you tilt it , it makes things look like they're moving. It is the little dancing guy in my picture here. Also bought these great buddha heads from a local shop. Oh my goodness, they are incredible. Each one is like a little tiny work of art. They are made by buddhist monks and signed on the back. Don't know what I will make with them but I got six. They are just so unique. Be on the lookout for something made with them and the big holed pearl you see here. Do you do that? Do you buy something because it speaks to you? It is just so unique that you have to have it even if you don't know what you will create with it. You figure you will figure that out later. Well enjoy your day and comment back. I love the chat.


  1. I know exactly what you mean. I'm a complete crow (love for small shiny objects). I was going to do a Christmas art show, but they wanted too much for the booth fee ($250.00)with no real guarantee of foot traffic. I don't know enough about the church craft fair circuit to know if that might be worthwhile. Hmmm. LOVE the Buddha beads! -- Noelle